For more than thirty years this festival has been held, originally folkloric-poetic, in order to publicize and renown to Competa and its typical products, wine, raisins, honey, etc..

Its spirit is based on the festivities that were celebrated in the village before moving to the countryside, and in the same farmhouses during the long raisin and olive campaigns.

The fandango of Competa, and the rest of the "palos" of singing and dancing, washed down with local wine, food, dried fruits, "tostaos" and even aguardiente, floated in the atmosphere until well into the night.

Every August 15th, the town dresses up in festive costumes to show the peasant spirit of festive joy.

During the morning the rite of the grape harvest is staged, the transport of the grapes in baskets and boards to the wine press and the treading of the grapes in the Plaza de la Vendimia in the wine press built for the festival.

The singing, the Pandas de Verdiales, the fandango surround the morning celebration that closes with a succulent lunch of migas, roasted cod, grapes, salad, and whatever "encarte".

The night moves to the Plaza Almijara, decorated for the purpose, where until the wee hours of the morning there is singing and dancing of quality.